Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Games : SAS: Secure Tomorrow (2008/PL/ENG) Free Download

SAS: Secure Tomorrow (2008/PL/ENG) | Size : 3.96 Gb

Well organised terrorist grouping has got out the leader of carefully protected prison. For good reason undertakes SAS. During this moment still nobody suspects, how much the situation will get out of hand. Enter elite military formation and support struggle against terrorism. Excellent preparation and the advanced equipment will provide advantage over the enemy.

Year of release: 2008
Genre: 1st-Person/3D Action/Shooter
Developer: City Interactive
Publishing house: City Interactive
Exit Date: on September, 30th, 2008

System Requirements:
System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, DirectX 9.0c (it is applied on DVD) or later version
Processor: CPU 2.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM (1GB for Windows Vista)
Video map: GeForce FX5700 or Radeon 9700 with memory 128 MB
3 GB (4,5) empty seats on a hard disk (4GB for Windows Vista)
4x DVD-ROM or more high-speed
Audio-map: 16-bit the sound map compatible with DirectX 9.0 Broadband Internet connection or LAN (only for the multiuser game) the Mouse, the keyboard

Edition Type: License
Language: Text - Polish, the Sound - English
Tabletka: It is not required

Basic features:
+ Participate in missions which pass in rebellious prison, in the financial centre of London, in ice deserts of Greenland or in territory of an underground nuclear reactor.
+ at any moment of game switch carbine M4 from assault in a sniper mode.
+ use standard equipment SAS, including the device of night vision, светошумовые pomegranates M84 or gas mask S10.
+ Exterminate enemies and rescue hostages, applying elements of unexpectedness and a grenade of shock action.
+ Compete with friends in the multiuser game — to 16 players in three game modes.

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