Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Games : Mount and Blade Free Download

Mount and Blade | Size : 843.93 MB

Mount and Blade. The history of the hero Duels of knights, cabin with степняками, the infantry crumpled by hoofs is a severe world of the Middle Ages, and it belongs to horsemen. Mount and Blade – unique game in which the soldier and its horse become a uniform fighting vehicle.

Pass a way from the simple mercenary to the sovereign seigneur. Begin with participation in tournaments and protection of caravans, carry out small commissions of feudal lords, earn popularity and experience – with them people, and in your pockets – gold will begin to flow in your group. Collect under the banner mighty army, storm locks, burn down enemy villages – throw down a challenge to kings of this earth!

* Huge world, more than hundred settlements.
* Tens skills and abilities at the protagonist.
* Dynamic political system.
* Complex economic model in the spirit of "Corsairs".

Name: Mount and Blade
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Language: Eng
Year of an exit: 2008



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