Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Games : X-Plane 9 (2008)

X-Plane 9 (2008)

The sky is the limit when you get behind the controls of the world's foremost airplanes, helicopters and space shuttles in X-Plane 9. Maneuver through the skies in the latest aircraft, including the Bell 206 Jet-Ranger helicopter, the Cessna 172 light plane, the supersonic Concorde and the Mach-3 XB-70 Valkyrie. Choose from more than 40 aircraft options and access hundreds more via download from the Internet. When you want a change of pace, turn in your pilot's license and head out in a robust space shuttle. Orbit Mars or fly among the stars from one end of the universe to the other.

X-Plane 9 lets you design your own plane, from the instrumental panel to the fuselage to the weapons, for a customized experience. Land your aircraft at any of the more than 18,000 airports or set down on aircraft carriers, helipads, frigates in the ocean and oil rigs to truly feel what it's like to be a pilot. Exciting new graphics, including water reflections, real shadows and smooth fog, give you the feeling of what it takes to be a master aviator

Windows® XP/Vista:
Processor: any @2GHz+
Mac OS X v. 10.3:
Processor: G4/G5 or Intel 1GHz
System memory:1GB
Available Hard Drive: 60 GB
Video Card: 64 MB VRAM
Recommended: USB Joystick or yoke, Internet

Supported Video:
(256 MB VRAM recommended)
ATI Radeon series (7000 or better): 7000/VE series, 7200, 7500, 8500, All-In-Wonder 8500, 9000, 9200, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800, X300, X600, X800
Nvidia® Quadro series: Quadro, Quadro2, Quadro4
Nvidia® Geforce series (GeForce2 and better): GeForce2, GeForce3, 3 Ti, GeForce4, 4Ti, MX 420, 440, GeForce FX 5200, 5600, 5700, 5800, 5900, 5950, GeForce 6600, 6800
Intel® Extreme Graphics (non-T&L requires 2.0 GHz processor): 82845, 82865, 82915

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