Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Windows XP Vista Lite 3.0 September 2008

Windows XP Vista Lite 3.0 September 2008 | 411 MB

XP Vista Lite added hotfixs to 09/05/2008. Optimization for All PC and Laptop, support all drive and RAID/SATA. This windows is actived, no need key add.

Style is very beautifull: look like vista, Mac OS X, Media Center …with toolbar, logon screen and Leopard Wallpapers.

KB887606 - Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) uses cached credentials incorrectly
KB898461 - Permanent copy of the Package Installer for Windows version
KB909520 - Software update for Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider
KB917275 - Windows Rights Management Services for Windows XP
KB922120 - Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP
KB931125 - Microsoft Root Certificate Update (May 2008)
KB932716 - Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) update
KB940648 - "You might not have permission to use this network resource" error when trying to open My Documents folder after resuming from hibernation
KB942213 - The MMC.exe program randomly becomes unresponsive when the user clicks OK or Cancel several times to close a Windows form
KB942288 - Windows Installer 4.5
KB943326 - Overlapping layered windows are not displayed in the correct order
KB943729 - New Group Policy preferences in Windows Server 2008
KB944043 - Windows Server 2008 read-only domain controller compatibility pack
KB944505 - DFS clients may access the DFS root server in the remote site even though the DFS root server in the local site is available
KB945015 - An extra forward slash mark is appended to the query path of a WebDAV PROPFIND request when visiting a SharePoint Portal Server site
KB946648 - Security update for Windows Messenger 4.7
KB947100 - After a COM application handles an access violation, the COM application stops responding
KB947460 - " : is not accessible" error when trying to open a mapped DFS folder after coming out of standby
KB948101 - USB keyboard does not work after restarting a computer that has an NVIDIA 680i motherboard
KB948720 - Cannot install device drivers in a Windows Server 2008 cluster environment if the drivers contain LZ-compressed files
KB949127 - Cannot establish a wireless connection using EAP authentication if the Service Set Identifier (SSID) includes a comma
KB949764 - A USB device no longer works after resuming computer from hibernation (S4)
KB949900 - The RunOnce.exe process may stop responding during the driver installation process
KB950312 - "The application failed to initialize properly (0xC0000142)" error when trying to start a console-based application
KB950582 - Vulnerability in Windows Explorer could allow remote code execution
KB950616 - An audio application that uses the Portcls.sys file may stop responding
KB950762 - Vulnerabilities in Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) could allow denial of service
KB950974 - Vulnerability in Event System could allow remote code execution
KB951066 - Security update for Outlook Express
KB951072 - August 2008 cumulative time zone update
KB951126 - Multiprocessor computer stops responding on a black screen after resuming from hibernation
KB951163 - When trying to connect to the local computer using the MSTSC command, a black screen may appear for several minutes
KB951376 - Vulnerability in Bluetooth stack could allow remote code execution
KB951531 - The W32Time service does not synchronize the CMOS clock time to the Internet time after the W32Time service stops
KB951618 - A black screen occurs when upgrading the operating system on a computer that has Onekey Recovery 5.0 installed
KB951698 - Vulnerabilities in DirectX could allow remote code execution
KB951709 - Event ID 26 when attaching two IDE ATA/ATAPI devices as master and subordinate IDE devices
KB951830 - Client computer on network can't access the Internet when disabling and re-enabling the LAN-side network adapter
KB951978 - Script output is not displayed as expected when running VBScript or JScript scripts
KB952020 - "The necessary security algorithm is not supported" error when trying to open a clear-text signed message in Outlook 2007
KB952206 - Printer-driver upgrade fails on printer clients when multiple printer queues are upgraded at the same time
KB952287 - An application that uses the ADO interface may malfunction or data loss may occur when the application connects to SQL Server
KB952825 - IEEE 1394-compliant storage devices that are connected to an OHCI host controller are not displayed
KB952954 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Image Color Management could allow remote code execution
KB953028 - An application experiences an access violation and then crashes if the computer has more than four cores or more than four logical processors
KB953609 - "At least one of your changes was not applied successfully to the wireless configuration" error when adding a wireless network
KB953761 - Some DHCP Options are not recognized when the DHCP server offer includes option 43
KB953838 - Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (August, 2008)
KB953839 - Cumulative security update for ActiveX (August, 2008)
KB953955 - Win32_Processor class returns an incorrect Name property for the processors on a computer that has Intel Core 2 Duo processors installed
KB954193 - Jet 4.0 Database Engine cumulative hotfix package: July 2, 2008
KB954232 - On-Screen Keyboard behavior does not mimic the physical keyboard behavior in certain scenarios
KB954494 - Can't view XPS or XBAP files in Internet Explorer
KB954708 - Update to add support for the serialization of complex Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) data types in the Windows Imaging Component
KB954956 - Stop error when heavily using the Server Message Block redirector component
KB955109 - 0xC0000005 (Access Violation) error when running an application that uses the Application Desktop Toolbar (AppBar) component
KB955417 - Protected storage (PStore) uses a lower-quality cryptographic function when the system locale is set to French ( France )
KB955576 - TAPI-based applications stop responding, and you cannot disconnect telephone calls on a Windows XP-based telephony server

Softwares add:
- Windows Media Player 11
- Windows Internet Explorer 7
- Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control
- Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update 1.2
- Microsoft Qfecheck
- MSXML 4.0 SP2 (Includes KB941833 Hotfix)
- Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 (in dotnetfx folder, don’t setup with Windows)

Drivers add:
- Intel INF Update 9.0
- SATA/RAID (supported ICH10R of Intel)
- Realtek HD audio 2.02
- Intel VGA (
- Realtek NIC 8169/81xx

Remove Drivers:
- Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
- Cameras and Camcorders
- Display Adapters
- Display Adapters (old)
- Ethernet (LAN)
- IBM PS/2 TrackPoint
- IBM ThinkPad
- Logitech WingMan
- Microsoft SideWinder
- Modems
- Multifunctional
- Portable Audio
- Printers
- Scanners
- Serial Pen Tablet
- Sony Jog Dial
- Sound Controllers
- Toshiba DVD decoder card
- Wireless Ethernet (WLAN)
- Auto Update is delete

This version remove old driver for Old PC. IF your PC is old, you can copy "driver.cab" and "sp3.cab" files from origin XPSP3 CD to Hdd with the path : %windir%Driver cachei386.



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