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Clipbucket Lite 1.7 Best Free Video Sharing Script with Lang Mod

Clipbucket Lite 1.7 Best Free Video Sharing Script with Lang Mod

ClipBucketlite is an OpenSource & Free Video Sharing Script with enormous features. Highly efficient Administration Panel and User friendly interface. It has all those features that a video sharing website like Youtube & Metacafe has. It has Built in Messaging system with Social Networking Features. People can create their own channels, customize it and also can create groups to have a discussion.

Due to high demands of videos , it is very useful to have video sharing website and its a very easy way of earning money also, but such kind of scripts costs a lot, therefore we provide an opensource video sharing script with a lots of features, easily manageable and fully secured without any price.

::Updates and Fixes for the 1.7::

Bug List
-- Channel Background and Avatar Change Error [Fixed]
-- Re-Login Updates Users Videos Count [Fixed]
-- Admin Panel Template Editor Fault [Fixed]
-- User Videos Pagination Error [Check livedemo .httaccess for Rewrite Rules] [Fixed]
-- FileSize() Error , [Fixed]
-- Admin Area Show 0 videos [Fixed]
-- Rating_images bug [Fixed]
-- Username Session CaSe iS sEnsiTive [Fixed]
-- DeepLinks of player do not work [Fixed]
-- Big Thumb Doesnt Not Delete [Fixed]
-- Thumb Generation Error (Overwrite Permission Problem) [Fixed]
-- Website Link in view_channel [Fixed]
-- Embed Code shows up in videuploaducess even turning of from admin panel [Fixed]
-- Advertisment Problem [Fixed]
-- YT themes Meta Descript {f} [Fixed]
-- XMLHTTPRequest Error [Fixed] {fwhite}
-- Utf-8 Fix by FrankWhite {fwhite} [Fixed]
-- Valid Emabedded Code by Murat [Fixed] {lavinya}
-- Video Flags Do Not Delete After Deleteing Video [Fixed]
-- Redirect Error on Login [Fixed]
-- Captcha Verification Problem [Fixed]
-- Warning Lists In ClipBucket [Fixed]
-- Groups Problem, Owner Autojoin etc [Fixed]
-- Manage Videos Page Problems [Fixed]
-- manage_Favoutites , Links Do not work properly [Fixed]
-- User Session Lost During Uploading [Fixed]
-- Edit Video (watch video link doesnt work) [Fixed]
-- Private Video Emailed to subscribers [Fixed]
-- Favourite Videos Do Not Remove After Deleteing Video [Fixed]
-- Registeration Closed Message [Fixed]

Updates Added
-- Tempate Editor Updated
-- Upload File Type,File Size in Admin
-- Advertismetn Section Update (Placements Added)
-- New Comments Options Added
-- New Captcha Mods Added
-- Sort Editor's Pick
-- File Types Option Added in Admin
-- Language Changer in Footer (on/off via admin panel) by Frank
-- Template Changer in Footer (on/off via admin panel) by Frank
-- Rss Feeds by Murat
-- OpenSearch By Frank
-- Videos Sitemap For Google by Murat
-- FFMPEG Conversion Class
-- Installer


:: Features ::

* 100% Free and Open Source
* Powerfull Smarty Template Engine
* UTF-8 Supported
* Advance Search Engine
* Channel Backgrounds
* Mass Uploader
* User Managment System
* Editor's Pick
* 3 Flv Players with logo changer
* Social Network
* Internal Messeging System
* User Channels
* Flash Uploader
* On Fly Conversion
* SQL injection Free
* Fully Functional Admin Panel
* Hi End 3 Free Templates
* High Quality Thumbs
* Changeable Themes
* Template Editor
* Full Error Handling
* Safe & Secure

Official Website :

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Demo :

Download your free copy now :

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