Monday, October 6, 2008

AVG Internet Security 8.0.169 with 10 years keygen

The antivirus compontent protects your computer with Windows from viruses, worms and trojans.
Antivirus detects viruses, worms and Trojans as well as executable files or Windows DLL libraries that could be potentially unwanted within your Windows Vista or Windows XP system. Antivirus also holds the internal virus database, and therefore it keeps the maximum level of protection when regularly updated.

The antispyware component protects your computer from spyware, adware and other malicious programs.
Antispyware protects tour computer from all kinds of malware (malicious software), e.g. spyware that secretly gathers information and privacy data from your computer, or adware that generates unwanted advertisement on your computer.

Firewall enforces an access control policy between your computer running Windows and the network by blocking/permitting traffic.
Firewall defines rules that protect your computer from outside attacks, typically from the Internet, and control (allow/forbid) all communication on every network port. If Firewall recognizes and intrusion attempt, it blocks immediately and does not let the intruder access to your PC with Windows.
If you firewall is active, you are protected against hacker attacks and threats from external networks.

Anti-Rootkit allows searching for rootkits hidden in your Windows operating system.
Antirootkit scans for dangerous rootkits hidden inside applications, drivers and Windows DLL libraries. A rootkit is usually a collection of malicious software that allows attacker to gain administrator-level rights and access to a computer or possibly whole network in your home or office. Rootkits are generally very well hidden in an operating system which makes them hard to detect or remove by regular security tools.

Advanced settings for Advanced Users. Shows information about Windows processes, network connections, automatically starting applications, Internet Explorer extensions and Layered Service Providers on your computer.

LinkScanner blocks dangerous websites and checks links on the most popular search engines such Google, Yahoo and MSN and Live for threats.
LinkScaner works with Internet Explorer and Firefox, and consists of two features. AVG Active Surf-Shield and AVG Search-Shield.
AVG Active Surf-Shield
Prevents you from accidently becoming infected by drive-by downloads and other exploits, ensuring the web pages you visit are safe at the only time that really matters – when you are about to click the link.
AVG Search-Shield
Works with Google, Yahoo, MSN and Live search engines to deliver a real-time safety verdict on all search results, including search ads, displaying an icon to show the safety rating for each site.

Web Shield checks network traffic for possible threats and disallows dangerous connections.
This component protects you against accidentally downloading infected files or exchanging infected files over instant messaging.

Resident Shield
Works in the background and is scanning all files that you work with.
Scans files as they are copied, opened and saved and if a threat is found, it forbids its activation. It also provides vital protection for the Windows system areas of your computer.[/center]


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